3. CARLOS TEVEZ: (No. 32): The Argentinian is currently on a loan deal for two years and his signature at the end of last season was an extremely long drawn saga. Everybody from the sweepers (the court clerks)  to the boss (FIFA) got involved in this one. However, once singned he has soon become a fan favourite for his immense workrate and ruthless appearance. The ARGENTINA! ARGENTINA! chants of the united fans have found a new hero and one who is going to stay here for years to come. He may well be the least glorified of the lot that’s called the AWESOME FOURSOME but is in no means less talented. The most intriguing part of his personality is the scar that he sports and the way he got it (Read more). In his short time at Old Trafford, he has already earned a reputation of scoring late and important goals for us.

4. MANUCHO: (No. 26): His full name is Mateus Alberto Contreiras Gonçalves and is a mostly unknown quantity. He came into sudden limelight when we signed him from from Petre Aletico, a club in Angola in January last season. He was then loaned out to Panathanikos due to work permit issues and now has joined the united squad. He has impressed with his perfromances there by scoring 4 goals in 7 appearances as well as the African Nations Cup and we’ll have to wait and watch whether he can cut it at United. However, the enthusiasm with which Sir Alex talks about him gives me the feeling that we have unearthed an absolute gem and hope that it turns out that way. Hopefully earns enough playing time this season to show us what he can do.

1. CRISTIANO RONALDO: (No. 7): Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is a Portugese player that has conquered the Footballing World with his stupendous performances in the last two seasons and is by far the first in line for the Ballon D’ Or this time around. He was purchased from Sporting Lisbon when he was 17 as a replacement for David Beckham and at the age of 23, it is difficult to fathom how much better he can become and I sure hope that he plays out his prime with us. He has repeatedly said that his dream is to play in ‘Madrid’ and this has really dented the respect that I had for him. I know that its going to happen, but the question now is just when.

Ronaldo, however is a proud proffessional and I have no doubts that as long as he is at United, he will perform and keep improving. In my opinion, Ronaldo is at the moment our most influential player on the pitch and most of our fluency coincides with his form and along with the trio of Berba, Roo and Tevez, he has the ability to create history and attain Legendary status with united. Hope he realizes that.


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