September 2008


I know this blog is some way off being even close to attractive but I am learning about how to run the same and bring in some visuals and photographs, add some widgets here and there and eventually make it more user friendly… did not know this is so much hard work ;-).

Hope ull like what I am doing with it … just wait for sometime…



Dear readers,

This blog is finally a challenge that I have taken up after two years of constant contemplation. I was broken and divided on starting my own blog but there were an amazing number of questions that I wanted to answer. I wanted to just write about my beloved Manchester United but the blogs that were already there were doing a more than a commendable job. To name a few, and kept me busy and just reading them was a pleasure. Occassionally I would pop up with a small piece on Soccerlens but it never gave me the satisfaction that I desired. After all MAN UTD commands most of my life and I just could not be happy not writing.

So I finally decided on this blog. Herez to all who will join me in the future. We shall start from today without any readers and I would do my best to write at least once a day and on all the things that concern my beloved United (and maybe a few on football in general). Hope that this turns into a long standing relationship and you enjoy reading the tid bits of my inputs.

Forever United!!!