There has been a lot of fuss on the quality of players that we should be buying with the 80 million transfer kitty that we have got. As I have mentioned before, the press have taken to our bank balance to the extent that any possible transfer has to be linked with Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson.


We are apparently in the market for all top starts (whatever is left anyway) as well as unknown quantities. The Media has created a greater hype of the United transfer strategy than Sir alex would have wanted. This is not helped by the fact that Madrid are spending without a care in the World and English press want at least one of their clubs to do the same. Manchester City would have been the more likely candidates, but with Huges at the helm I am not surprised that they are moving slowly but surely towards devloping a quality team capable of challenging Chelsea and Liverpool for second spot next season.

There can be various assumptions about the role of the debt in the transfer policy and as a United fan, I have learnt to live with it. It is a matter of FACT that we have a debt and it has to be serviced, so whatever business and policy decisions have to be taken are fine. So whether the Under 26 policy is in place or not, i would not care. The only thing that matter is the quality of footballers at our club and their dedication towards the team goal.

Any team loosing 2 out of 3 forwards that won you the champions league is definitely going to struggle to replace them but I dont think that at United we ever do a straight swap. One can argue that Cantona, Keane, Beckham, Ruud were never replaced. So it is going to be with Ronaldo and Tevez. Valencia will take the place that Ronaldo left on the starting line up and rest assured the system will change.

Under Ferguson, the United system has always been changing and I think Berba was the first signing for our latest system. SAF had a year to prepare for the departure of Ronaldo and he did that by making Berba his main man. If you see a dvd of last season, it will become obvious how Ronaldo was marginalized on the wing for most of the early part of the season. Only towards the final stages did Ronaldo get the freedom up top to roam about and United reverted somewhat to the Ronaldo dependent system of earlier season. [Hence Berba was benched]

So the Rooney-Berba strike force is definately going to be the dominating part of our next system and therefore Tevez felt that he was “not a part of the Family”. The Valencia buy proves that we have a more direct winger who will run past players and cross balls like the Steve Coppells of old. But, what remains to be seen is how  the roles of the other players will be defined. Tosic was bought in January and looks like a no-nonsense-cross-at first-instance type of player. Tosic may not have had the impact that SAF desired but he may again be looking for someone in the same mould or for Nani to step up to his billing.

With the front four of our system pretty much clear, I would say that its the Central Midfield which is the mystery. We have enough quality there to last another 5-6 years and I think the fact that Anderson is a year older and will now have the license to roam may make a world of a difference. I have seen Anderson play the attacking midfield role for Brazil and the lad is real quality. He just needs to net his first goal and we might see the confidence return in his shooting. Alongwith Rooney, he is probably the only player we have that can run past the midfield and defence.

So a return to the 4-4-2 is definitely on the cards but what kind will it be can be determined by which of our Midfielders is ready to carry the team on his shoulders. The form and future of Fletcher, Carrick, Hargreaves and Anderson will actually decide how successful we are as a team. That is where United have the most quality and that is where SAF will look to bestow his faith. If this quartet can come out of Ronaldo’s shadow we might still have the most flexible United systems ever. I say so because each of these four have very very different qualities to offer and United will be a different proposition depending on who plays.

Our defence is clearly in no need of any re-inforcements and the fact that Evra will now have real competition from Fabio and Rafael will be one year older will ensure that we have the most attack minded full-backs not only in the league but may also be in Europe. (The Brazilian samba 4-4-2, maybe??)

That settles our first team, but to compete on all fronts we need a bench and other options. That is where I think Fergie is going to forge into the market. For players who may be happy to be marginalized initially but be Lengends when they retire (Remember Solksjaer anybody). However, the only place in the United first team that actually needs to be filled is the left wing. Nani has been unconvinging and Tosic has not made an impact yet. However, they have the potential but a “marquee” signing there is also a significant possibility.

Unfortunately the only “marquees” there are Ribery and David Silva and I dont think either of them is coming this summer anyway.

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