The seasons gone by were all about Ronaldo. The summers thereafter were even worse. The UNITED Fans stuck by him and he did more than enough to repay us season after season. This trend was broken in the last season when his summer antics could not have been undone and it was definately time for Ronaldo to look for pastures new. Most United fans were in awe of his ability but were no more messmerized by his presence. For us, he became a means to an end but not the end itself. I remember supporting UNITED in the times of real legends like Cantonna when we fans would give up anything to watch him play, he was the end, he was the MAN and whatever united achieved was just a heart warming BONUS.

In his interview that was published today on his decision to leave united, he HOPES that he is a legend. Unfortunately, he will never be  a legend, he will just be ONE of the greats. We will learn to love him again when time passes and respect the things he did for United in his past three seasons, but we will never put him on the pedestal that Cantonna still enjoys. So best of luck Ronaldo, thanks for the memories, the trophies and the 80 million.