UPDATE: I had written this post before Ronaldo’s move was confirmed, but thought the best time to publish it would be only after hez gone.

June 25, 2009:

The next peice of news is absolutely fictitious and the theory of a drunken United fan desparately fighting with a Madrid fan over which club is more prestigious. Even fort a United fan like me it was unthinkable and extremely hillarious. Here goes an excerpt of the conversation:

Real Madrid Fan: “What the F*** is GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!! We are ******* bigger and outrageously better”

United Fan: Ya so can you explain why you have not reached the champions league semis in the last 5 years???

RM F: All ur ******* BEST players come to US like its the best thing to happen in their lives!!! Ronaldo.. if u know dreams of playing for Real not United cunts even after spending his devloping years there… nd so did Beckham btw… The people who play know better than you single minded fools

MU F: Ha!!! but Ronaldo has not gone yet!! Sir Alex and United are just taking the mickey out of your stupid club and all this transfer is going to fail at the last minute…. Its just to get back for all the disgusting and absolute nonsense that your last president did.. btw how many presidents have you had???


For me thats where the discussion ended folks!!! Stupid drunken supporters!!! but a good laugh none-the-less…

P.S. To the Madrid fans: Get real… Ronaldo is probably the only united player going to Real in/before his prime…The others were well past their best