Unlike what Sir Alex has always wanted of his transfer dealings, this summer is really going to be a long drawn and public affair. Not because the club want it so but because the media wont let us go.

We have not even sold Ronaldo yet and there are already a host of signings on their way to United. Ribery, Benzema, Aguero, Costa, Nilmar, Valencia, Mariga, Silva, Villa and so on.The summer is just going to get worse with the papers frustrationeither running a new story every day on the same players or comming up with more pathetic ones like this one. If you click on the link, you will see that the press have not even bothered to get their Facts right. FYI Mr. Vince Masiello, the striker is nicknamed “Kiko” and not “Chicco”. Anyway, back to the point I was making, at Manchester United, we should actually revolt against the quality of journalism. They will link us to players that meet their personal fantasies, add inflated price tags and publish an article. Lately, they are saying that we will offer Nani for Valencia (I dont think so, coz Nani is the only orthodox first team winger we have in the team right now anyway).

Whatever the state of affairs, at some point some paper will hit the mark and so we fans have to keep reading all this stuff all over the place to understand what Fergie is doing. I hope for once we had Fergie give up his silent, moral transfer policy and talk to the press like Madrid about their targets. This way we would at least have rumours that are in more ways than one more believable that the stupid fantasies. We have not signed anyone yet and its a clear sign that we are anyway having to deal with Real tracking all our players as well as exhorbitant and inflative prices.

So Fergie, spare us the suspense and come out at least with an interview about whats happening. A sincere request from a fan sick and tired of reading a load of Hogwash every morning.