December 2008

I was postponing this post to the absolute opportune moment and in the eve of United’s first competetive match in this edition of the Club World Cup, it is the best time to publish it.

The Club World Cup calls for various different reactions in the sections of the Footballing World (mainly Europe) but it is one of the things that Blatter is bound to get right. The manner of the European footballing calendar no doubt puts some additional pressure on the Champions League winners but it gives a great opportunity for the development of the sport in Asia and Africa. One of the biggest advantages of winning the Asian Champions League is to get a chance to play competitively against the best European Opposition. I would be lying if I said that last year I was not hoping for the Asian Champions to beat AC Milan in the semis, would have been a shocker, wouldn’t it. This year though, it is very different, I want United to win but I am divided on the impact that its going to have on our title challenge. In a way, I am happy that we will be two games behind the others and with our recent form, it might just be a blessing in disguise that we are playing these games after Christmas when we are traditionally a stronger side.



About 15 days back, news spread that SAF personally landed up at a hearing to get a work permit for the Serbian Winger named Tosic. A hiterto unknown quantity to most united fans, it was obvious that SAF was excited by this player. The news was made public at and it was widely accepted that the player is coming as soon as the january transfer window opens.

Then SAF gave an interview saying that United are not bringing in anybody in January and I assumed that this meant apart from Tosic but news broke out today that a deal has not yet been agreed with Tosic even though he has gone through a medical. The players agent and David Gill, from the looks of it, are at an argument over the terms of the contract and the pay package that this youngster would get. I would like to believe that we can sort this stuff out before we become subject to Tosic becoming another John Obi Mikel.


If there was a match of united that i had to miss this season, i would have chosen a few which would definitely not include the trip to white hart lane, but i missed it (darn load shedding) and I really have no inputs to give on this one. There are a few good reviews out there which I have read and I would guide you guys there.

Enjoy reading!!!!

Review at the Republik of Mancunia

Review at

Once you have read those, the only thing that I have to say is that the highlights package proves that Gomes was absolutely brilliant and definitely the Man of the Match and Berbatov had a really poor game. (what were the odds on that combination.. would really like to know eh!!)

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It is surprising that this season the fixture list is so lopsided against the champions. We not only play all the top eight of last season away from home in the first half of the season, but also play every game after Europe away from home and most of our matches are late kick offs.

This Saturday was no different the kick off after Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea had all played made the game a must win from the moment the ball went rolling. It was surprising to see that Fergie started without Tevez and he warranted a place only on the bench and stuck with the misfiring Berbatov, who is still to provide us with the kind of form he is capable of. I thought relegating him to the bench might have given him the initiative. There were no other surprises in the lineup though and it is good to see Park getting his chances this season. Giggs is certainly being seen as a central player and the place on the wing is up for grabs. Nani is not living upto his billing and Park is taking full advantage.


Oh! I had almost started writing a post full of doom and gloom and was making up my mind how to best defend this latest setback that we got but all hail Nemanja Vidic! Guess all is well that ends well.

This is the point in the season where I would say we are back in business of scoring LATE! LATE! LATE! goals. It was the 91st minute when the man ran the full length of the field and scored a goal that would definitely rank amongst one of the most important that he will score this season. It might have well kept us in the hunt, at least psychologically.

So ENJOY the night and I’ll write a full review of the match tomorrow. Trust me there are loads of things I want to say.

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After 3 months in the wilderness and a shadow of the player that began the season with such promise. Carlos Tevez finally put himself back on the SAF radar. It was surprising to see that with the arrival of Berbatov, Tevez lost out like a Windows based PC losses out on the arrival of a MAC. His performances did not help either. He spurned the opportunities he got with his over eagerness to do well.


There was a time when us United fans would feel handicapped when it came to personal awards for our players. For a club with a history as proud as ours, it was surprising that there were only three players who had done it before.  The holy trinity of Best, Law and Charlton have now been joined by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo. The player himself feels comfortable in this company and he has repeatedly said so in his interviews since the award. Its also an amazing feeling for us fans who have not been deprived of the award this time after players like Cantonna, Beckham, Cole and Yorke, Giggs, Scholes and a variety of others never got recognized after having blinders of seasons. This does show that the award is a little lopsided towards the Champions League winners but I am not complaining this time. Seriously, if Ronaldo would not have won this time, no United player would have ever won it. 42 goals in a season for a winger is something else, isn’t it?


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