I was postponing this post to the absolute opportune moment and in the eve of United’s first competetive match in this edition of the Club World Cup, it is the best time to publish it.

The Club World Cup calls for various different reactions in the sections of the Footballing World (mainly Europe) but it is one of the things that Blatter is bound to get right. The manner of the European footballing calendar no doubt puts some additional pressure on the Champions League winners but it gives a great opportunity for the development of the sport in Asia and Africa. One of the biggest advantages of winning the Asian Champions League is to get a chance to play competitively against the best European Opposition. I would be lying if I said that last year I was not hoping for the Asian Champions to beat AC Milan in the semis, would have been a shocker, wouldn’t it. This year though, it is very different, I want United to win but I am divided on the impact that its going to have on our title challenge. In a way, I am happy that we will be two games behind the others and with our recent form, it might just be a blessing in disguise that we are playing these games after Christmas when we are traditionally a stronger side.

Coming back to the tournament though United are up against Gamba Osaka in the semi-finals and I really have no idea about the team. I would definitely be glued to the tv tomorrow, not to see how well United play (coz i expect them to win), but to see how far football in the less fortunate parts of the world has developed and how can we compare to the best. Traditionally, the South American teams add a lot to the tournament and more often than Sao Paolo or Boca Juniors feature.  So, it feels weird that this year United wont play against the flair of those teams. I hear however, that the team from Eucador, LDU, are no mugs either and they had a brilliant offensive and defensive record in the Copa Libertadores last time around.

So, its time for me to say, lets forget about the league for now, bring out the big guns and win this thing in Japan.