June 2009

Unlike what Sir Alex has always wanted of his transfer dealings, this summer is really going to be a long drawn and public affair. Not because the club want it so but because the media wont let us go.

We have not even sold Ronaldo yet and there are already a host of signings on their way to United. Ribery, Benzema, Aguero, Costa, Nilmar, Valencia, Mariga, Silva, Villa and so on.The summer is just going to get worse with the papers frustrationeither running a new story every day on the same players or comming up with more pathetic ones like this one. If you click on the link, you will see that the press have not even bothered to get their Facts right. FYI Mr. Vince Masiello, the striker is nicknamed “Kiko” and not “Chicco”. Anyway, back to the point I was making, at Manchester United, we should actually revolt against the quality of journalism. They will link us to players that meet their personal fantasies, add inflated price tags and publish an article. Lately, they are saying that we will offer Nani for Valencia (I dont think so, coz Nani is the only orthodox first team winger we have in the team right now anyway).



The seasons gone by were all about Ronaldo. The summers thereafter were even worse. The UNITED Fans stuck by him and he did more than enough to repay us season after season. This trend was broken in the last season when his summer antics could not have been undone and it was definately time for Ronaldo to look for pastures new. Most United fans were in awe of his ability but were no more messmerized by his presence. For us, he became a means to an end but not the end itself. I remember supporting UNITED in the times of real legends like Cantonna when we fans would give up anything to watch him play, he was the end, he was the MAN and whatever united achieved was just a heart warming BONUS.

In his interview that was published today on his decision to leave united, he HOPES that he is a legend. Unfortunately, he will never be  a legend, he will just be ONE of the greats. We will learn to love him again when time passes and respect the things he did for United in his past three seasons, but we will never put him on the pedestal that Cantonna still enjoys. So best of luck Ronaldo, thanks for the memories, the trophies and the 80 million.

Sorry to all readers of the blog. But I am surely back now. I love writing when United are in controversy and the exodus of Tevez and Ronaldo gives me that opportunity.

I was definitely one of the most ardent of Tevez supporters but his treatment of the club in the last six months has been absolutely pathetic. I was under the assumption that he wants to play for the club he loves and his lack of contract is frustrating him. But seriously, rejecting an offer making him our highest earning player, for a club that is either our title rivals or our city rivals is absolutely unforgivable. So maybe our ARGENTINA! ARGENTINA! chant has been a bad omen for us and we shall not give the same to any other supposedly United Loving player. Good bye HEINZE was a great time good bye TEVEZ will be even better for the team, specially if we beat him to the title at Chelsea or Man City in the derby coz honestly thats the only trophy that they are hoping to WIN every season. GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE.

Some are even saying we will buy Benzema, Ribery, Valencia, Villa, Silva and replace these two.